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As a parent or legal guardian, you have the right to an independent evaluation for your child – you have the right to know why your child struggles.

It is critical to obtain the correct diagnosis as early as possible. The earlier treatment starts, the better the long-term outcome.

Our evaluation will outline the factors that limit success (e.g., autism spectrum disorders, ADHD, learning disabilities, emotional difficulties, behavioral problems, brain injury), and we will provide clear recommendations for treatments and strategies. Your district is required to provide the services your child needs.

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Our mission: We will solve the mystery of a child’s academic, emotional, or developmental struggles.  We will make sure the child’s parents, service providers, and teachers know how to help the child succeed, and we will make sure the child gets appropriate services from the district. 

Our services are comprehensive and we offer several features you are unlikely to find anywhere else:

Step 1) An Accurate Diagnosis – We have specialists for every age group from infancy through adulthood.  Because we have several clinicians, you will not be stuck on a long waiting list.  Your initial appointment will be made within 2 weeks.  We will match the clinician to the age of the child and the evaluation questions.  For many cases, it is most appropriate to conduct a school observation or see the child at home.  We gather information from the child’s doctors, service providers, parents, and teachers, and integrate this information with our own observations and test results.  This gives the most comprehensive view of the child’s strengths and weaknesses.  We will be able to clearly outline the factors that are preventing your child from succeeding.

Step 2) Forming a Plan – Once we have the evaluation results, we will work with you to outline a detailed plan that will help your child succeed.  We will have strategies for home, for school, and for any service providers the child may need.  In many cases, the child will benefit most from an Early Intervention Plan, Individualized Education Program (IEP), or 504 Accommodation Plan.  The clinical directors of Boston Neuropsychological Services have each participated in well over a thousand school meetings.  We are intimately familiar with federal and state law, and with the Massachusetts Department of Education guidelines.  As a result of our experience, we know what school districts are required to provide and our recommendations will make sense to you and to your district.

Step 3) The Path to Success – Outlining a plan, even a very good plan, is not sufficient to produce meaningful improvement.  If desired, we will attend a meeting with your district to help write an education plan.  If necessary, we will attend a mediation meeting, a hearing, or a trial to advocate for the plan we believe is appropriate for your child.  Most often, our presence at a standard evaluation feedback meeting is all that is necessary to get every member of your child’s team on the same page.  Once the correct plan is in place, we encourage families to provide us with regular feedback about how the plan is working.  Many families come in for regular check-ups.  You can also call us anytime for additional recommendations.  In addition, we provide a wide variety of counseling and tutoring services to help your child succeed.  To maximize the effectiveness of a child’s treatment plan, our evaluators, counselors, and tutors work together to ensure that every intervention is based on your child’s unique learning style.

Our pledge is to provide your child with the opportunity to succeed.  Please see our testimonials page for comments from previous parents and other team members.

We have a specialist for your child’s unique needs, and we can get you results quickly and conveniently.  Please call us at 877 283 7863 for a consultation or click here to enter your information online.

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