Neurodevelopmental Evaluation

What It Is
A neurodevelopmental evaluation is a specialized assessment of infants and preschool aged children with a wide range of developmental, behavioral, emotional, and learning difficulties.  Developing brain systems are assessed in order to provide a profile of the following:
  • cognitive and developmental abilities
  • pre-academic or academic skills
  • play skills
  • adaptive functional skills
  • language and communication skills
  • motor skills
  • social interaction skills
  • social-emotional skills
  • sensory profile
  • behavior
  • overall developmental health 

When It’s Needed
When you suspect your child may have a learning disability, an attentional disorder, a global developmental delay, a pervasive developmental disorder (PDD) or autistic spectrum disorder, behavioral problems, a neuromotor delay, or language and communication delays.

Potential Benefits
This information helps us to gain a greater understanding of the child’s relative strengths and vulnerabilities and is used to develop early intervention strategies, therapeutic services, and developmental activities to optimize the child’s learning and successful development.

The earlier the diagnosis is made, the more effective therapeutic interventions will be.

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