Neuropsychological Evaluation

What It Is
A neuropsychological evaluation is a comprehensive assessment of cognitive functions such as learning and memory or problem solving. Standard testing procedures are used to assess the various abilities that relate to learning and using knowledge and skills.
The following areas are included:
• Intelligence / Cognitive Skills
• Academic Achievement
• Attention / Concentration
• Learning and Memory
• Language Skills
• Perceptual / Spatial Skills
• Motor Skills
• Problem Solving and Critical Thinking
• Planning, Organization, and Judgment

When It’s Needed
A neuropsychological evaluation should be conducted in any of the following situations:
• If your child is struggling in school or on standardized
• When there is a large disparity between a child’s potential
or effort and his or her academic performance
• When a child displays difficulties with learning or memory
• When it is unclear why a child is struggling
• When a child has any history of neurological difficulty
• When a child has a history of developmental delay
(e.g. delayed language or motor activity)
• If a child has suffered a traumatic brain injury
• If a child has suffered any toxic exposure (e.g. lead
poisoning, alcohol)
• To document any changes in a child’s abilities or
achievement since prior evaluations

Potential Benefits
• Discover the causes of your child’s academic struggles
• To determine whether your child qualifies for
accomodations on standardized tests such as the SAT
or GRE
• Determine whether your child qualifies for special
education services
• Gain a greater understanding of your child's learning
style and explain it to school staff
• Obtain recommendations that will help your child learn to
compensate for any difficulties
• Assess the effectiveness of treatments and interventions
• Determine whether academic difficulties are due to
cognitive or motivational deficits
• You may find it helpful to make an appointment with
one of our tutors, who will utilize the knowledge gleaned from neuropsychological evaluation to design tutoring strategies specifically tailored for your child's learning style.

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