Gifted and Talented Evaluation

What It Is
This evaluation provides formal documentation of a child’s exceptional thinking skills, problem-solving, creativity, and academic achievement levels. I.Q. scores will be provided as part of the results.

When It’s Needed
A gifted and talented evaluation may be needed in the following situations:
• Admission to public and private schools that require formal
documentation of a child’s ability
• Eligibility for school and extra-curricular gifted programs
• Frustration with a lack of adequate challenge at school
•Feelings of isolation due to a child’s talents

Potential Benefits
Meeting the needs of a gifted student is often a frustrating process. Standard school curricula are often inadequately stimulating for a child who processes basic information quickly. Research has shown that under-stimulated children can manifest behavioral, social, and emotional difficulties. Maximizing the potential of a gifted child requires that parents and educators have full knowledge of the child’s specific talents. This evaluation will help identify a child’s areas of strength, special interests, and learning style. We will provide strategies to stimulate continued growth in areas of strength and interest. In addition, we will help you outline a plan geared toward the successful social integration of your child.  We will also identify enrichment programs, opportunities, and other resources that will challenge and motivate your unique child.  If desired, a few sessions with one of our educational coaches can help your child to understand his or her strengths and how to use them effectively.

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